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“It is never too late to set another goal or to dream a new dream”. C. S. Lewis

The advantages of living in Spain


Are you dreaming to start a new life under the sun, discover beautiful landscapes, get to know friendly people and have the possibility to enjoy both sporting and cultural activities? Spain is definitely the dream place for your new lifestyle! Indeed Spain is renowned for its good quality of life for the 8 following reasons:

  • One of the best climates in Europe with more than 300 days of sun and an average temperature above 20 degrees. On the Mediterranean coasts, it is possible to enjoy a swim in beautiful beaches almost 6 month a year.
  • A rich variety of landscapes:  sandy beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, olive groves, vineyards, deserts, forests, rural villages, big cultural cities will offer you the opportunity to practice many water sports, golf, trekking, skiing and more … so everyone can have fun!
  • Good transport infrastructures with Europe that keep on expanding under a long-term improvement program launched by the government. The capacity of airports is being extended; new roads and rails are under progress (AVE). In addition, all official organizations are staffed with a person able to speak English so it facilitates the administrative process for foreigners.
  • Spanish people are also very friendly and used to taking good care of their relatives and friends. They know how to appreciate life, love eating and partying. Indeed the fiesta culture in Spain is also well deserved and you will discover that local fiestas, festivals and carnivals are a nice way to discover the regional culture.
  • A unique and relaxed lifestyle influenced by the sun. Spanish people take the time to enjoy the long lunch break with their family or friends and then they can have a siesta time until 5pm! Thanks to its nice weather, the outdoor life is also emblematic of the lifestyle in Spain. You will see people in the street, going for a “paseo” and chatting chatting over a glass of wine or beer.  
  • The cost of living in Spain is also interesting for a foreigner and it is possible to live very well. Going out for drinks or a nice Mediterranean dinner is affordable. 
  • The Spanish healthcare system is one of the best in Europe. Foreigners working in Spain or being a retired person resident in the country, can benefit from the Spanish Social Security. In addition, many pharmacies are open 24 hours.
  • The Mediterranean diet is delicious and its health benefits are proven. Spanish recipes integrate fish, vegetables, grains, fresh fruit and olive oil ingredients which help to live longer and healthier lives. The tapas culture is very typical in Spain, it is a good moment shared with friends or family and the opportunity to taste different flavors. And let´s not forget the succulent traditional dishes such as paella and tortilla!


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