Chinese investors attracted by the Spanish property market

Chinese investors

Spain is actually the 7th most popular country for private Chinese investors, according to Chinese property website Thanks to its relatively low prices, the Spanish property market is considered as a good investment opportunity for the growing middle class growing in China. Jan Kot of Juwai confirms the most…

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British retirees have more budgets to buy a property in Spain

property in Spain

The Iberian countries are the favourite destinations for Britons retirees and thanks to rising equity, buyers have more money to spend on a property in Spain, say specialists. Indeed more than 25% of the British plan to retire in Spain or in Portugal. Property specialists in Spain and Portugal say…

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Record levels of enquiries for buying a property in Spain after the election result in the UK

buying a property

Buying a property in the Eurozone and USA is being cheaper for UK buyers thanks to the Sterling that rebounded against the euro and dollar this month. According to Elaine Ferguson, Head of the Resource Centre at, the election of the Conservatives to power last week generated a positive…

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90 % of real estate investors want to invest in Spain

invest in spain

According to a recent survey realized with more than 100 national and international real estate investors, 90 % of investors confirm being interested in investing in Spain despite the uncertain political and economic context. Indeed, 53.5 % of investors surveyed plan to invest in Spain up to 100 million euros…

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What is the process of purchasing a property in Spain?

purchasing a property in Spain

Purchasing a property in Spain is a long process that implicates different key players such as the purchaser, the estate agent and the notary and requires a lot of time and paperwork. In fact, we highly recommend you to appoint a legal representative as early as possible in the purchase…

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Buying property in Spain: Evolution of housing prices by country

housing prices

Do you plan to invest and buy a property? This chart published by The Economist will allow you to get an overview on the evolution of housing prices by countries since 2000. In this graph that compares prices between Spain, England, Germany and the US, it is remarkable that prices…

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