Alicante is the first destination where foreigners buy houses


The Ministry of Public Works has announced that Alicante continues to lead, far ahead, the purchase of properties by foreigners in Spain.

On the Costa Blanca, foreigners, mainly British, Scandinavian and German; bought 3,670 homes between July and September, three times more than Madrid (1,101), Balearic Islands (1177) and the double of Barcelona (1475). The preferred destinations in the Costa Blanca are Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and Alicante.

In the whole Costa Blanca, 7,232 properties were sold in the third quarter, which are 945 more than twelve months ago (+15%). Thanks to foreigners, the real estate sector in Alicante is ahead Valencia and Malaga. Only Madrid and Barcelona exceed Alicante in total sales with 11,681 homes in Madrid and 9,876 in Barcelona.

The latest data from the College of Technical Quantity Surveyors of Alicante show that the year will end with the first raise of new construction, especially with the increase of the demand for tourist residences that are bought off-plan and paid cash or almost. You can find a wide offer of properties in terms of location, type and price. From an apartment in from of the sea, to independent villas with a view on the Salinas de Torrevieja.



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